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TMD treatments, therapies that get results
We treat the cause of you TMD problem (not just the symptoms). While there is no "cure" for TMD, there are proven effective therapies that can help you control TMJ-related pain, regain proper jaw joint function, improve your overall health and enhance your quality of life.

For each patient we develop a complete, individualized, multi-disciplinary TMJ Rehabilitation Program that successfully treats TMJ-related pain and dysfunction -without surgery or prolonged drug therapy!
Treatment includes


  • Clinical Treatment
  • Healing and Wellness
  • Independent Management

Clinical Treatment

Clinical Treatment is utilized to achieve maximum improvement of symptoms and pave the way to healing.

Healing & Wellness Therapies

Healing and Wellness therapies are added to promote development of a "healing pattern" and address conditions known to perpetuate and/or aggravateTMD problems.

Nutritional Therapies and Dietary Supplements including vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements to improve muscle function, reduce stress on muscles and joints, and improve biochemical and physiological processes.

Selective Drug Uptake: The Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Technique was developed by Yoshiaki Omura, M.D.* The use of his Bi-digital O-ring Technique with this procedure enhances the uptake and assimilation of supplements and pharmaceuticals for individuals with specific conditions requiring focus of that medication to different acupuncture and meridian areas of the body.

Stress Reduction & Lifestyle Modification Therapies including self-care that range from modifying your diet to specific physical activities and exercises to improve your TMJ and your overall health.

Sleep Hygiene and Management of Sleep Disorders such as "bruxism" (i.e., excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth during sleep) that can put excessive pressure on the jaw joint and its associated structures causing TMD symptoms to reappear and/or negatively impact health and wellness.

Natural Healing Aids, including magnetic medicine, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, and light therapy to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment, speed improvement and contribute to your overall sense of well being.

Independent Management

Independent Management of your condition, ensuring long-term health of your jaw joints and associated structures.

While response varies, treatment of TMD is usually completed within 6 -8 months. Follow-up visits (annual, bi-annual or "as-needed") may be scheduled to monitor underlying chronic or degenerative conditions (i.e., arthritis) as well as the overall health and functioning of your TM joint and its surrounding structures. From the very outset, our goal is to achieve maximum improvement of your condition and sustain it, so that you can get back to living your life symptom free and without further treatment from our office.